Julie Brixey-Williams – artist working with gesture through drawing and the body’s relationship with architecture and space. www.juliebrixey-williams.co.uk

Camilla Brueton – visual artist with an interest in mapping, social history, nostalgia and the collective use of public spaces.

Simon Kennedy – a sculptural sound artist and originator of SAS Projects, investigating the relationship between objects and specific site through the mediums of installation, sculpture and the sonic. Works are designed to occupy, converse with and short circuit defined areas of environment and behaviour, through unexpected shifts in perceived normality.  www.simonkennedy.org

Theron U. Schmidt – a writer and performer originally from the US, whose work focuses on presence, absence, and the ethics of representation. www.newworknetwork.org.uk/theron

Rajni Shah – a freelance director, writer and producer who works across artforms exploring notions of theatricality, gift and conversation. www.rajnishah.com

Caroline Younger – sculptor and print maker currently resident in Scotland.

Publication of the point and place book is being supported by the Stanley Picker Trust.